Media coverage

Mikolaj Furmankiewic polish music reviewer is very surprised that no director has asked Primous Fountain to compose film music… 

He wrote about it in Moozik Bloog  May 2, 2017


Derk Richardson thanked Barbara and broadcasted Fountain’s music in his show

“The Hear and Now” KPFA radio  April 6, 2017


Queen and Leonard Cohen’s music plays with Fountain’s music on radio show

“Beautiful piece… that Wild music by Primous Fountain. Sounds so classical, Stravinskyish, Sibelieus, especially that Symphony No. 2 that we heard. I want to play that again…”                                                

When Barbara Golden listened to a  smattering of  Symphony 2 she said: “I was blow away”.  She decided to play his music in her show on KPFA radio 94.1. And  Fountain’s music open Barbara’s show Thursday the 12th midnight until Friday 13th 3 am in January 2017. California time.  And this beautiful wild Foutain’s music sounds over an hour in the show.



Primous Fountain is talking about pop music in the morning show…